Dream of Learning Arabic Like a Scholar?

This is Yusuf Mullan and I'm extremely proud to announce a brand new, revolutionary course in the field of Arabic language. Developed personally by Mohtanick Jamil, this course assumes you know absolutely ZERO about Arabic and takes you to a point where you're ready to start Arabic grammar miles ahead of everyone else... guaranteed!

  • Read Arabic script, write Arabic and learn lots of words & phrases
  • Learn advanced rules of Tajweed and beautiful aspects of the language
  • Pronounce like an Arab and learn things that were previously only known by scholars
  • Put yourself MILES ahead of everyone else when you start learning Arabic grammar

We are extremely fortunate to have Mohtanick Jamil give the recorded lectures HIMSELF for this course. He holds your hand the entire way. Don't miss this opportunity! Sign up below to receive updates, special offers and a special thank-you gift!

Crs. Code ARB-199
Title Premium Alphabet Course
Instructor Mohtanick Jamil
Desc. A beginner's course on reading, writing and pronouncing Arabic with introduction to some advanced topics. A great preparation for grammar courses.
Next Available May 2011
Lectures ~20 + exercise sheets
Duration Self-paced
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